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Martin Gauthier

August 2018

  • The company that was hosting this site for more than 10 years was bought by another. The new company said they could not (would not) migrate this site to their hosting company. So I migrated this web site myself to a different hosting company, namely Dream Host.

    It was not a pleasant experience considering the size of this web site and it's age. Many pages quit working. Some code no longer worked at all. I have visited and checked most pages, fixing those that did not work.

    State libraries evidently reorganized the directory structure for cemetery pictures. So, those pages no longer connect. I'll run that down and fix it eventually.

    The Secretary of State's office has done it again. Three new Secretary's in a row and a new directory structure came each time. At the moment I plan to delete all links to that office. I cannot jump through their hoops at every change.

    I have concerns that Find A Grave may do the same thing when converting from their old website to their new one. So far, every thing still connects.

    Microsoft Bing Maps no longer work because of Microsoft changes for displaying Bing Maps. Unless I can find a global cure, Bing maps will become dust on this web site.

    Please send your comments about what is not working. My thanks for you taking the time to let me know.


  • Added Bowman-Dedon Cemetery in West Feliciana Parish. Information from Marlon Ebey.

  • Added Young-Rayon Cemetery in Acadia Parish.

  • Unknown Cemetery 3 in Washington Parish is identified as Bruce B. Moses Park.

  • Unknown Cemetery 8 in Washington Parish is identified as Houze Cemetery.

  • Unknown Cemetery 10 in Washington Parish is identified as Bullock Cemetery.

  • Unknown Cemetery 1 in Terrebonne Parish is identified as Mt. Olive Baptist Cemetery.

  • Unknown Cemetery 16 in St. Mary Parish is identified as Greenwood Cemetery.

  • Removed location of Bishop Family Cemetery and Mausoleum in Ascension Parish.

  • In Ascension Parish, added Ascension of Our Lord Mausoleum, C & C Jackson Memorial Cemetery, Galvez Baptist Cemetery, IWBFM Cemetery (I Walk By Faith Ministry), Macedonia Church of Deliverence Cemetery, Meifert Cemetery, True Light Workshop Center's Cemetery, Unknown Cemetery 2, Womack Family Cemetery, Word of Life Christian Center Cemetery.

  • Unknown Cemetery 6 in Acadia Parish is identified as Mt. Olive Cemetery (from right click on Google Maps).

September 2018

  • Unknown Cemetery 12 in Acadia Parish is identified as Rayne Colored Protestant Cemetery (from right click on Google Maps).

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