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Alvin Olin King
- Orange Grove Cemetery
Sam Houston Jones - Prien Memorial Park

Allain Cemetery DeQuincy
Alston Cemetery DeQuincy 2
Antioch Baptist Cemetery Edgerly 19
Antioch Primitive Baptist Cemetery (aka Baywood Cemetery) Edgerly
Areno Memorial Cemetery Maplewood
Bagdad Cemetery West Lake 3
Barnes and Barks Family Cemetery Starks
Batchelor Cemetery Starks
Batchelor Cemetery Iowa
Bates Cemetery Sulphur
Baywood Cemetery (see Antioch Primitive Baptist Cemetery)
Benevolent Cemetery Starks
Benoit Cemetery Lake Charles
Berry Cemetery, D & T Vinton
Big Woods Cemetery Maplewood 3
Bilbo Cemetery Lake Charles 8
Birds Nest Cemetery Newton 2
Black Bayou Cemetery Lake Charles
Bone Ranch Cemetery Vinton
Boutwell Family Cemetery Lake Charles
Burkham Family Cemetery Lake Charles
Burleson - Duhon Cemetery Lake Charles 1
Carson Cemetery 1
Carter Family Cemetery Vinton
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Lake Charles
Catholic Cemetery, Old Lake Charles 36
Chapel of Christ Redeemer Columbarium Sulphur
Chapel of the Risen Christ Columbarium Lake Charles
Chesson Cemetery Vinton
Chloe Cemetery Lake Charles
City of Lake Charles Cemetery (aka Corporation Cemetery, aka Magnolia Cemetery) Lake Charles 14
Clark Cemetery, Alexander L. "Babe"" Starks
Clark Cemetery, Archie Starks
Clark Cemetery, Richard Starks
Coleman Cemetery, Joseph & Sadie Sulphur
Combre Memorial Park Lake Charles
Community Cemetery DeQuincy
Community Cemetery, New DeQuincy
Community Chapel Cemetery Lake Charles
Consolota Cemetery & Mausoleum Lake Charles
Cormier Cemetery, H. J. Vinton
Corporation Cemetery (see City of Lake Charles Cemetery)
Cowan Family Cemetery Sulphur
Crawford Family Cemetery Lake Charles
Crownpoint Cemetery Westlake
DeQuincy Colored Community Cemetery DeQuincy
DeQuincy Memorial Park DeQuincy
Derouen Cemetery Hayes
Doyle Cemetery Annex Starks
Doyle Cemetery Starks 4
Durio Cemetery Oberlin
Dutch Cove Cemetery Grand Lake ?
Eastside Cemetery Lake Charles
Edgerly Cemetery Edgerly
Ellis Cemetery Lake Charles
Emanuel Baptist Cemetery, Old Lake Charles
Farqurar Cemetery (aka Vincent's Settlement Cemetery) Sulphur 23
First United Methodist Cemetery Lake Charles
Fountain Cemetery Starks
Friendship Baptist Cemetery Lake Charles
Gillis Cemetery Starks
Good Shepherd Episcopal Columbarium Lake Charles
Goos Cemetery Goosport 4
Goos Cemetery II Moss Bluff
Goos-Lee Cemetery Lake Charles
Graceland & Orange Grove Cemeteries Lake Charles 115
Gragg Cemetery Bell City
Granger Cemetery, Lee Vinton 1
Hamilton Garden of Memories
Hardey Family Cemetery Westlake
Hargrove Loop Cemetery DeQuincy
Hayes Cemetery Hayes 3
Hebert Family Cemetery Hecker 1
Henning Cemetery Rose Bluff
High Mount Cemetery Lake Charles
Highland Memorial Park Lake Charles
Holbrook Cemetery (see Perkins Cemetery)
Hollie Cemetery Starks
Holy City Cemetery Lake Charles
Huff and Thomas Cemetery Lake Charles
Hyatt Cemetery Fields 3
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Cemetery Lake Charles
Landry Cemetery Sulphur 2
LeBleu Community Cemetery Lake Charles 1
Lee Cemetery Vinton
Lonesome Pine Cemetery Lake Charles
Lorrain - Derouen Cemetery Hayes 2
Magnolia Cemetery Westlake 5
Magnolia Cemetery (see City of Lake Charles Cemetery)
Martin Family Cemetery Sulphur
McFatter Cemetery, W. E. DeQuincy
Meyer Family Cemetery DeQuincy
Miller Cemetery & Annex Starks 2
Miller Family Cemetery, A. O. Vinton
Mimosa Pines Garden of Memories - South Sulphur
Mimosa Pines Garden of Memories - North Sulphur
Miracle Deliverance Memorial Park Sulphur
Morning Star Cemetery Mossville
Moss Cemetery, H. L. Moss Lake
Mt. Olive Cemetery 1
Mt. Zion Baptist Cemetery Mossville
New Bethany Cemetery Lake Charles
Niblett's Bluff Cemetery Niblett Bluff 5
Nunez Family Cemetery, W. P. Belle City
Our Lady Queen of Heavens Cemetery Lake Charles
Palestine Cemetery Bailey 1
Paradise Cemetery DeQuincy
Perkins Cemetery DeQuincy
Perkins Cemetery DeQuincy
Perkins Cemetery West Lake
Perkins Cemetery (aka Holbrook Cemetery) Lake Charles
Perkins Chapel Cemetery Moss Bluff 2
Pilley Cemetery West Lake ?
Pinehill Cemetery Iowa
Price Cemetery Iowa
Prien Memorial Park Lake Charles 1
Reed Family Cemetery Nibletts Bluff
Reeves Garden Cemetery Gillis
Rigmaiden Cemetery DeQuincy 7
Rigmaiden & Perkins Cemetery Sulphur
Ritchie Community Cemetery Moss Bluff 7
Ritchie Cemetery #2 Moss Bluff
Roseland Cemetery (aka Sulphur Cemetery) Sulphur
Royer-Alston Cemetery Sulphur 2
Sacred Heart Cemetery & Mausoleum Lake Charles 1
Sacred Heart Cemetery No. 2 Lake Charles 1
Sallier Cemetery Lake Charles 16
Says Cemetery Starks
St. Francis Cemetery Lake Charles
St. John Vianney Cemetery Bell City
St. Mary Cemetery Chloe
St. Mary Cemetery Starks
St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church Cemetery Lake Charles
Smith Cemetery Starks
Smith, Riley Memorial Park DeQuincy
Solomon Drake Gravesite
Sonier Grove Cemetery (aka Toomey Cemetery) Toomey 2
Stanley Cemetery Lucas
Starks Memorial Post #4759 Community Cemetery Starks
Sulfur Cemetery (see Roseland Cemetery)
Sweet Lake United Methodist Cemetery Bell City
Tanner Cemetery Sulphur
Toomey Cemetery (see Sonier Grove Cemetery)
Three Sisters Corner Cemetery Iowa
Unnamed Cemetery Goosport
Verdine Cemetery Carylss 3
Vincent's Settlement Cemetery (see Farqurar Cemetery)
Vinton Cemetery Vinton
West Cemetery Vinton
West Fork Cemetery Moss Bluff
Westlake Memorial Park Cemetery Westlake
White's Family Plots Vinton
Willow Springs Baptist Cemetery Sulphur
Wimberly Cemetery Starks
Zion Tabernacle Cemetery Lake Charles

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