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Duncan Farrar Kenner
Businessman / Politician

Born February 11, 1813
Died July 3, 1887
Age 77
Profession Businessman
Spouse Anne Wilhelmine Bringier
Plantation Ashland
Religion Catholic
Burial Ascension Catholic Cemetery
Duncan Farrar Kenner can be described as a businessman, plantation owner, sugarcane principal and horse owner/racer.

Duncan Kenner is a brother-in-law of Confederate Generals Richard Taylor and Allen Thomas.  They all married Bringier sisters.

Duncan Kenner was one of six Louisiana Deputies  who served in the 1st and 2nd Confederate Provisional Congress in 1861 and 1862.

Bringier Family Tomb

Duncan Kenner vault is on the right side, bottom row, 2nd from left

Duncan Farrar Kenner
Born Feb. 11, 1813
Died July 3,1887

Inter Papes Dux

Here reposes the infants of

D. F. Kenner

and of

Wilhelmine Bringier

George D. Kenner
Born Feb. 11, 1853
Died Jan. 30, 1883


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