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Allen Thomas
Confederate States of America
Brigadier General

Served 1861- 1865 (C. S. A.)
Military Rank
Brigadier General (C. S. A.)
February 1864
December 14, 1830
Howard Co., Maryland
December 3, 1907
Waveland, Mississippi
Cause Malaria
Age 77
Education College of New Jersey
Education Princeton - 1850
Profession Lawyer / Planter
Spouse Ann Octavie Bringier
Children 4 sons
Religion Catholic
Burial Ascension Catholic Cemetery
Allen Thomas

Allen Thomas is a brother-in-law of Confederate Gen. Richard Taylor and also of Duncan Kenner. They all married Bringier sisters.  Allen Thomas and Duncan Kenner are buried in the Bringier Family Tomb in Ascension Catholic Cemetery in Donaldsonville, La.  

The Bringier Family Tomb is that of Marius Pons Bringier and wife Marie Francis Durand.  They owned the Hermitage Plantation. 

Marius Pons Bringier's parents owned White Hall Plantation.  Francoise Bringier owned Bocage Plantation.

Thomas was coiner at the US mint in New Orleans during Pres. Cleveland's first term and Minister to Venezuela during his second term. 

Thomas died on his plantation near Waveland, Mississippi.

Ann Octavie Bringier parents are Michel Douradou Bringier and Elizabeth Aglae Dubourg.  The parents were given Hermitage Plantation by his parents as a wedding gift.  The parents were Marius Pons Bringier and Marie Francis Durand who bought property to form the giant plantation called White Hall.  One of the elder couple town houses in New Orleans was called Melpoméne before the street received its name.

Elizabeth Aglae Dubourg died at Melpoméne, as did son-in-law Richard Taylor.  Richard Taylor and Myrthe Bringier are buried in Taylor family tomb in Metairie Cemetery. After the war they lived in the  Melpoméne home in New Orleans.

Bringier Family Tomb

Allen Thomas vault is the right most on the 3rd level

General Allen Thomas, C. S. A.
Dec. 14, 1830 ---- Dec. 7, 1907

Ann Octavie Bringier Thomas
Jan. 1,1839 ---- Nov. 20, 1917


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