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Albert Gallatin Blanchard
Confederate States of America
Brigadier General

Served 1829 - 1840
1846-1847 in Mexican War
Major - 3rd US Infantry
Served 1861- 1865 (C. S. A.)
Brigadier General
September 1861
September 6, 1810
Charlestown, Massachusetts
June 21, 1891
New Orleans
Cause Cerebral Softening, Neurasthenia
Age 81
Education U. S. Military Academy - 1829
26th out of 46 (at age 19)
Profession Soldier / Engineer / Business
Spouse 1 Susan Green Thompson
died 1836 at Fort Jesup
Marriage 1832 in Philadelphia
Children 1 son, 1 daughter
Spouse 2 Herminie Benoist de la Salle
Marriage New Orleans
Children 15
Religion Catholic
Burial St. Louis Cemetery #2

Albert Gallatin Blanchard, U. S. Army Major, later Brigadier General, C.S.A. was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, the son of Reuben Kimball Blanchard.  His father was an officer in the War of 1812 and his grandfather, Benjamin Blanchard was a veteran of the Revolutionary War.

At the age of 15 he was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point, graduating in the class of 1829 with Robert E. Lee.  He was only 19.

In 1832 he married Susan Green Thompson in Philadelphia and was assigned to duty at Fort Jesup on the Louisiana Texas border. His young wife died at the Fort in 1836 leaving a son, Henry and a daughter, Susan.

Henry and Susan went on to achieve recognition in their chosen fields, Henry in the New England church ministry and Susan B. Elder as an accomplished Southern author, poet and teacher.

In 1840 he resigned his commission and moved to New Orleans where he married Herminie Benoist de la Salle, a native of the city.  Fifteen children were born of this marriage.

He was involved in the formation of the first public schools and was among the founders of the New Orleans Academy of Sciences.

In 1846 he volunteered to serve in the U.S. Army in the Mexican War where he distinguished himself at the Battle of Monterey and the siege of Vera Cruz.  He accepted a commission in the 3rd U.S. Infantry as a Major and served until his resignation at the end of the war.

Returning to New Orleans, Blanchard was appointed Deputy Surveyor for the City of New Orleans were he engaged in the profession of Civil Engineer.  He was Secretary of the N. O. & Carrollton Railroad Company and had other railroad pursuits.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, Col. Blanchard formed a company which fought in the early battles in Virginia. He was promoted to Brig. General and took part in the Peninsula campaigns until in Jan.1862 he was assigned to the Trans-Mississippi department in Monroe, Louisiana to raise troops to defend that area, as most able bodied men had been sent to the Eastern sector.

As Grantís Union troops began their move towards Vicksburg, Blanchard was relieved of

command in Louisiana and moved to the Carolinas in administrative duties.  He joined Gen. Johnston in the last battle at Bentonville, N. C. when Johnston surrendered to General Sherman at the conclusion of the war.

Blanchard returned with his wife and children to New Orleans and continued his former pursuits until his death in 1891.  He is buried in this family tomb in St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 in New Orleans.

General Albert Gallatin Blanchard
Family Tomb in St. Louis Cemetery #2

Albert G. Blanchard
1810 - 1891

Graduate U.S. Military
Academy; Merchant; Director
of New Orleans Public
Schools 1843-1845; Fought In
Mexican War; Brigadier
General in Confederate Army;
After Civil War Became Civil
Engineer in New Orleans

General Albert Gallatin Blanchard
Sept. 6, 1810 ---- June 21, 1891

Hermine B. DeLaSalle Blanchard
July 4, 1822 ---- Aug. 23, 1906

At Top of Tomb

Edward Joseph Blanchard
Born July 2, 1859.
Died March 17, 1892.

Bottom Center

Louis Constant Benoist
Octavie Benoist
Stell A. Benoist
Blanche Benoist
Louise Hermine Lacour
Nicholas Benoist deLaSalle

Top Left

Jas. A. Sinclair
Bay City Mich
Age 54 Years
Died June 8th 1918

Morris Grubman
Died Jan. 29 1919

James L. Sinclair
Age 27 Years
Died Jan. 17 1925

Marie Amenaide
Wife of
Jas. A. Sinclair
Born Feb. 26  1866
Died June 29 1938

At Bottom Left

Dr. Frank Helion
1882 ---- 1960

Herman F. Sinclair
Oct. 26, 1906
Nov. 16, 1960

1891 ---- 1983

At Top Right

Gen. A. G. Blanchard
Boston  Mass
Died June 21st, 1891.

Beloved Wife

Herminie Benoist DeLaSalle
N. O. LA.
Died Aug. 23rd 1906

Augusta Hardenstein
1915 ----  1939

Morris S. Grubman
1915 ---- 1940

On Side

Ici Reposent
Louise Herminie Lacour
Dame N. Benvoist
decedee le 13 November 1824.
a l' age de 20 ans.

Nicolas Benosit De LaSalle
natif du Port de Paix
decede le 12 Janvier 1857.
a l' age de 58 ans.

Albert Blanchard
age de 8 ans. 7 mais.

On Side

Ici repsoe
Louis Constant Benvoist.
Fils de M .L. Herminie Benoist
et d'Albert G. Blanchard.
ne le 10 Juillet 1849.
decede le 6 Mars 1851.

Octavie. agee de 20 mais.
Stella. agee de 11 mais.
Blanche.agee de 17 ans. 7 m.


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