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Charles Anderson Wickliffe, the father of Robert C. Wickliffe, was the 14th Governor of Kentucky, and later the U. S. Postmaster General.  Notable services of Charles A. Wickliffe:

  • Admitted to the Kentucky Bar in 1809
    An aid on the 1812 staff of General Winlock
    An aid on the staff of General Caldwell
    Six term member of Kentucky House of Representatives, Speaker in 1834
    U. S. House of Representatives 1823 - 1833
    Lt. Governor of Kentucky 1836
    Succeeded to Governor of Kentucky in 1839 following death of Governor Clark
    U. S. Postmaster General 1841 - 1845
    Presidential Envoy for potential Texas annexation - 1845
    Member State Constitutional Convention - 1849
    Member Washington Peace Conference - 1861
    Two more terms as member of Kentucky House of Representatives 1861 -1863
    Delegate to Democratic National Convention - 1864

    WICKLAND - The home of Charles A. Wickliffe

    Charles Anderson Wickliffe while U. S. Post Master General, appointed Gen. John Bennet Dawson as New Orleans Post Master.  Gen. Dawson was the father of Anna Ruffin Dawson, who was the wife of Robert Charles Wickliffe, future governor of Louisiana and son of Charles Anderson Wickliffe.

    The Charles Anderson Wickliffe Family Plot

    Cemetery Marker

    Charles A. Wickliffe Memorial

    Charles A. Wickliffe Memorial - Front Engraving

    Charles A. Wickliffe Memorial -Left Side Engraving
    List of 6 Children

    Charles A. Wickliffe Memorial -Right Side Engraving
    List of 5 Children

    Charles A. Wickliffe Memorial - Engraving on back side


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