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WICKLIFFE, Robert Charles, (1874 - 1912)

He is the son of Louisiana Governor Robert Charles Wickliffe, grandson of Charles Anderson Wickliffe the 14th Governor of Kentucky, and cousin of John Crepps Wickliffe Beckham.  He attended public schools of St. Francisville, graduated with a law degree from Tulane University in 1897, and was admitted to the bar in Louisiana in 1898.  He served in the Louisiana Volunteer Infantry in the Spanish-American War, became district attorney of the twenty-fourth judicial district of Louisiana 1902-1906 and was a Louisiana U. S. Representative to Congress from 1909 to 1912.

He was killed in 1912 in Washington, D. C. while crossing a railroad bridge and is interred at Cave Hill Cemetery. Louisville, Kentucky, next to his wife.

Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky

The nearest headstones are those of wife Lydia Cooke and husband Robert C. Wickliffe.

Lydia Cooke
Beloved Wife of
Robert C. Wickliffe
June 18, 1877
April 26, 1958


Robert C. Wickliffe
Beloved Husband of
Lydia Cooke
May 1, 1875
June 11, 1912


Cave Hill Cemetery is an extremely large cemetery situated only 40 miles from Bardstown, Kentucky where many of the Wickliffe family rest and 744 miles from St. Francisville, La.

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