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George Foster Shepley
1st Military &
18th Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Thomas O. Moore
Governor by Appointment
Served from June 2, 1862
Served to January 24, 1864
Left Office by Resignation
Succeeded by Michael Hahn
Military Brigadier General - U.S. Army
July 1862
January 1, 1819
Saco, Maine
July 20, 1878
Portland, Maine
Cause Asiatic cholera
Age 59
Education Dartmouth College
Education Dane Law School
Profession Lawyer
Spouse Lucy Ann Hayes
Children 4
Spouse Helen Merrill
Children 0
Religion Episcopalian
Burial Evergreen Cemetery, ME

1862 - 1864

George Foster Shepley, the 1st Military Governor of Louisiana, became a brigadier general in the Union army during the civil war while he was Colonel and serving an appointment as Mayor of New Orleans.

General Shepley was acting military mayor of New Orleans for two months before General William Butler appointed him as military governor over the Union occupied territories of Louisiana 1862-1864. 

Earlier he had graduated from Dartmouth College and then graduated from Dane Law School in 1839.  He was U. S. Attorney for Maine from 1848 - 1849 during the Polk presidency, but was dismissed by Zachary Taylor.  He returned as U. S. Attorney for Maine from 1853 -1861 under the Franklin Pierce presidency. 

As Military Governor of Louisiana he initiated a court system for the occupied territories, called for a convention to develop a new state constitution, and began remodeling state government.  After an election for governor was held he resigned the office and was assigned in Virginia. 

Major General Godfrey Weitzel appointed him as military Governor of Richmond, Virginia.  General Ord removed Brig. Gen. Shepley from that position in February, 1865, due to ongoing investigations of activities in Norfork.  Gen Ord assigned Brig. Gen. Gordon in his position.

He resigned in July 1, 1865 and returned to his law practice in Portland, Maine.

In 1869 President Grant appointed him as U. S. Judge for the First Judicial Court of Maine, a position he retained until his death.  On July 20, 1878, he died and was interred at Evergreen Cemetery in Portland, Maine.

His tomb and family gravesite make no mention of his many accomplishments or titles.


The Shepley Family Site

January 1, 1819,
July 20, 1878.


He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
Lucy H.
Wife of
George F. Shepley
Died October 10, 1859
aged 33 yrs.


Helen M. Wife of
George F. Shepley
Aug. 15, 1839.
June13, 1915.

Helen M. Shepley


Widow of Dexter
Tiffany.  Born in
Portland, Maine
April 29, 1850  Died
in Portland, Maine
June 27, 1922


Born in St. Louis
August 28, 1846
Died in Boston
April 27, 1921

Tiffany Jr.

Born in Portland
June 2, 1872
Died in Rockland
August 19, 1929

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