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Zachary Taylor
President of the United States

Preceded by James K. Polk
President by Election
Served from March 4, 1849
Served to July 9, 1850
Left Office by Died in Office
Succeeded by Millard Fillmore
Born November 24, 1784
Orange County, Virginia
Died July 9, 1850
Cause acute gastroenteritis
Age 65
Party Whig
Education Home tutors
Profession Military - U. S. Army
Spouse Margaret Mackell Smith
Children 6
Plantation Fashion (Louisiana)
Religion Episcopal
Brother Union General
Joseph Pannell Taylor
Burial Congressional Cemetery
Washington, D. C.
1st Mausoleum
Zachary Taylor National Cemetery
Louisville, Kentucky
1926 in 2nd Mausoleum
Zachary Taylor National Cemetery
Louisville, Kentucky
Jun 17, 1991
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Zachary Taylor

12th President

March 4, 1849 - July 9, 1850

Zachary Taylor National Cemetery

Louisville, Kentucky

Gen. Zachary Taylor (1784-1850),
distinguished lifetime soldier
and twelfth President of United
States, buried here in family
cemetery.  Commissioned Lt. 1808.
Served in War of 1812: Black Hawk
War, 1832: Seminole War, 1836-43.
Major Gen., 1846.  Active leader
in Mexican War, 1846-47.  Western
Army Command.  1847.  Elected
President, 1848.  Died in office.

(sign above the doorway)

The First Burial Site
of the
12th President of the U.S.
Zachary Taylor
Presented By
Colonel George Reade Chapter
Colonial Dames XVII Century
October 2, 1976


(right above the door)

Z. Taylor
Born Nov. 24, 1784
Died July 9, 1850.

The Zachary Taylor Tomb
(to the left rear is the original burial tomb)

View through the doors

Zachary Taylor on the left, Margaret Smith on the right.

Zachary Taylor

Nov. 24, 1784
July 9, 1850

Margaret Smith
His Wife
Sept. 21, 1788
Aug. 14, 1852

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Zachary Taylor National Cemetery

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