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Huey Pierce Long
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Oramel H. Simpson
Governor by Election
Served from May 21, 1928
Served to January 25, 1932
Left Office by Resignation
Succeeded by Alvin O. King
August 30, 1893
near Winnfield, Louisiana
September 10, 1935
Baton Rouge
Cause Gunshot
Age 42
Party Democratic
Education University of Oklahoma
Education Tulane University
Profession Lawyer
Spouse Rose McConnell
Children 3
Religion Baptist
Burial State Capitol Grounds

1928 - 1932

Huey Pierce Long, the 41st Governor of Louisiana, died in 1935.  He was shot during a scuffle in the hall near the governor's office in the new State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge.

Two days after the shooting he died in Our Lady of the Lake Sanitarium located across a small lake from the rear of the State Capitol Building.

He was a U.S. Senator at the time of his death and only 42 years old.   He had announced to run for President against Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The marvelous and beautiful State Capitol Building and grounds were caused to be built by Huey Long as governor.  The state legislature honored him by having this large statue and flower garden erected facing the magnificent State Capitol Building.  He is interred here.


Huey Pierce Long Memorial and His Capitol

This memorial is not what Huey Long requested nor expected.
Being a man of the people, his expectation was simple as shown
on his original headstone.  It can be seen

Engraving on the back of Long statue:

1893 - 1935
Governor 1928 -1932
United States Senator
1932 -1935

Here Lies Louisiana's Great Son
Huey Pierce Long An Unconquered
Friend of the Poor Who Dreamed Of
The Day When the Wealth of the Land
Would Be Spread Among All the People

I Know the Hearts of the People
Because I Have Not Colored My Own.
I Know When I Am Right In My Own
Conscience I Have One Language.
Its Simplicity Gains Pardon For
My Lack of Letters.  Fear Will Not
Change It.  Persecution Will Not
Change It.  It Cannot Be Changed
While People Suffer.

Erected By The State Of Louisiana 1940

Huey Long
Winnfield Parish Courthouse

Long Home Site

Home of
Huey Pierce Long, Sr.
and Caledonia Tison Long

Birthplace of:

United States Senator Huey Pierce Long 
Congressman George Shannon Long 
Governor Earl Kemp Long 

This sign is in front of what is now the Earl K. Long Memorial Park in Winnfield.

This Huey Long memorial is on the property of what is now the Earl K. Long Memorial Park in Winnfield.

To Honor the Memory of

Huey Pierce Long
1893 - 1935

Lawyer, Administrator, Statesman
Who Served As
Railroad Commissioner
Governor of Louisiana
United States Senator

This Plaque was placed here
Near the site of his birth
By Camp No. 107
Woodmen of the World

Winnfield City Cemetery Headstone


Huey P. Long  Sr.
June 19, 1852
Feb. 4, 1937

Caledonia Tison
Wife of Huey
Pierce Long
Oct. 18, 1860
Oct. 6, 1913

Winnfield City Cemetery Headstone

Helen Long
Daughter of
Huey P. Long Sr.
Caladonia Tison Long
May 1, 1881 - Nov. 1, 1882


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