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    Earl Kemp Long
46th, 49th & 51st
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by

Richard W. Leche

Governor by


Served from

June 26, 1939

Served to

May 14, 1940

Left Office by

Lost Primary Election

Succeeded by

Sam H. Jones


Preceded by

Jimmy H. Davis

Governor by


Served from

May 11, 1948

Served to

May 13, 1952

Left Office by

Term Ended

Succeeded by

Robert F. Kennon


Preceded by

Robert F. Kennon

Governor by


Served from

May 8, 1956

Served to

May 10, 1960

Left Office by

Term Ended

Succeeded by

Jimmy H. Davis



August 26, 1895
near Winnfield, Louisiana


September 5, 1960
Alexandria, Louisiana


Heart attack







Loyola University





Blanche Revere






Earl K. Long Memorial Park

1939 - 1940
1948 - 1952
1956 - 1960

Earl Kemp Long, the 46th. 49th and 51st Governor of Louisiana, died in 1960. 

Earl Long succeeded to governor from lieutenant governor when Richard Webster Leche resigned from office in 1939.  He was then elected to a full term in 1948 and again in 1956.  Until 1968, a governor could not succeed himself in office.

He is interred at Earl K. Long Memorial State Park in Winnfield, La.  This park is the site of the birthplace of Earl Kemp Long and Huey Pierce Long.  Older brother George Shannon "Doc" Long was raised there as well.


Earl K. Long
State Park

During his last term, his wife first committed him to a psychiatric ward in Galveston, Texas for 19 days and then in Mandeville, La., after a brief stay at Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans.

He managed his release and finished his term.  Not yet finished, Earl Long ran for Lt. Governor for the term following his last, but lost badly.  He was then elected to the U. S. House of Representatives the day after he suffered a heart attack.  He died from a second heart attack while in the hospital.

Earl K. Long Memorial Statue


Long Home Site

Home Of

Huey Pierce Long, Sr. and Caledonia Tison Long

Birthplace Of

United States Senator Huey Pierce Long
Congressman George Shannon Long
Governor Earl Kemp Long

(Note: George Shannon Long, the oldest of nine children, was born in Tunica in West Feliciana Parish.)


Ground Plaque

Earl K. Long State Park
Established During the 1960-1964 Administration
of Governor Jimmie H. Davis
This memorial park was developed by the State
Parks and Recreation Commission with the Assistance
of the Maintenance Division of the Louisiana
Department of Highways and Through the Efforts
of the Members of the Earl K. Long Memorial
Committee Appointed by the Governor.

L. A. Talley, Director State Parks & Recreation Commission
R. W. Burgess, Director State Department of Highways
C. C. Edwards, Chief Maintenance Operation Engineer

The Earl K. Long Memorial Committee
Blanch Revere Long (E. K.)
Clara Long Knott (W. M.)
Judge Harwell L. Allen
W. R. Brown
Mary Weir Allen (D. C.)
Arthur Morgan

One of two dog statues guarding the park's rear entrance.


Winnfield City Cemetery Headstone


Huey P. Long  Sr.
June 19, 1852
Feb. 4, 1937

Calendonia Tison
Wife of Huey
Pierce Long
Oct. 18, 1860
Oct. 6, 1913

Winnfield City Cemetery Headstone

Helen Long
Daughter of
Huey P. Long Sr.
Caladonia Tison Long
May 1, 1881 - Nov. 1, 1882

Monument Front Engraving


August 26, 1895 - September 5, 1960

Monument Right Side Engraving

This Native Son of Winn Parish Made
Political History for a Quarter of A
Earl Kemp Long Took the Oath As
Governor Three Times.  At His Death
He Was Democratic Nominee to The
Congress of the United States From
The 8th District.

Governor of Louisiana
1939 - 1940   1948 - 1952   1956 - 1960
Lieutenant Governor
1936 - 1939
Democratic National Committeeman
1950 - 1952
Democratic Nominee to the
Congress of the United States
August 27, 1960

Monument Rear Engraving

This Park Site Donated to the State of
Louisiana By Earl Kemp Long and His
Wife Blanche Revere Long In Loving
Memory of His Mother and Father
Caledonia Tison and
Huey Pierce Long, Senior.
It Was His Request That He Be Buried
Here At His Birthplace Near the Home
He Loved.

Monument Left Engraving

Earl Kemp Long Worked With Dauntless
Courage, Incredible Energy, and Sincere
Determination to Serve the People of
He Spoke With Wisdom, Wit and Humor
Saying With Candor Those Things Which
Others Feared to Say.
He Loved His Fellow Men and They Loved
And Followed Him As He Walked Unafraid
Through the Crowd.
His Deeds Will Live Lon After Him In
The Hearts and Minds of Men and Women
And Children throughout the Length
And Breath of His Beloved Louisiana.

Park View

Park Rear View


La. Secretary of State
National Governors Association


Long Campaigns Against Noe and Jones 12-02-1939
Governor Says He's Not Crazy 06-15-1959
Long Enters Louisiana Clinic
Long Taken to Mental Hospital

Long Battles for Freedom
Long Files for Separation from Wife
Long Reaches People Through Tape Recorder

Long Leaves Louisiana 06-26-1959
Governor Released in Minutes

Treasury Checks Bank Box
Long to Sue Times, Life Magazines
Vows He Will Be Back 05-10-1960
Elected Congressman - 8th District

Long Dies from Heart Attack In Hospital - part 1
Long Dies from Heart Attack In Hospital - part 2
Louisiana Mourns Long
- 09-07-1960

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