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Martin Gauthier

December, 2011

November, 2011

October, 2011 

September, 2011 

  • Added, for each parish, a Google Map showing all cemeteries on one map.  All parishes are complete.  Access this feature by clicking the parish title on the parish opening page. It looks like this:

  • It may take 10 or so seconds to load using Windows and half that with Safari with the following typical result.

August, 2011 

  • Unknown Cemetery 1 in Concordia Parish identified as Garden of Rest Cemetery.

  • Added Gautreau Family Cemetery in Concordia Parish reported by Marlon Ebey.

  • Added Wright Family Cemetery in Jackson Parish reported by Marlon Ebey.

  • Added Hancock Cemetery in Jackson Parish reported by Marlon Ebey.

  • Location of Fenton Cemetery in Jefferson Davis Parish provided by Wayne Cosby.

  • Unknown Cemetery 2 in Catahoula Parish is identified as St. Mary Baptist Cemetery by Marlon Ebey.

  • Added pictures for Barrios Cemetery in Lafourche Parish.

  • Added pictures for Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery in Lafourche Parish including 4 Confederate soldiers.  More pictures to come soon.

  • Added pictures for Sacred Heart Cemetery in Lafourche Parish including 4 Confederate soldiers.  More pictures to come soon.

  • Added two Confederate Soldier headstone pictures to Dahany - Henry Cemetery in Evangeline Parish.

  • A very bad virus on my personal computer has made it inoperable so far.  I have moved this web site development onto a new  Mac Book Pro.  The web site itself was unaffected since it is in the cloud somewhere.

July, 2011 

June, 2011 

May, 2011 

April, 2011

March, 2011

February, 2011

January, 2011

December, 2010

November, 2010

October, 2010

September, 2010

August, 2010

July, 2010

June, 2010

May, 2010

  • Added a transcription error correction to Little Flower Catholic Cemetery in Avoyelles Parish.

  • Added a transcription addendum to Mandeville Cemetery in St. Tammany Parish.

  • WAFB TV's Graham Ulkins taped a short segment on the search for lost Governor Isaac Johnson of West Feliciana Parish.  The video is not yet available, but the printed story is here.

  • The gravesite of Gov. Thomas Bolling Robertson, Louisiana's third governor, has been located thanks to the tireless efforts of DeeDee Denise DiBenedetto and the cooperation of Dr. Robert S. Conte, Historian, The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.  We expect pictures from Dr. Conte in the near future.

April, 2010

March, 2010

  • Added transcription of Haynes Cemetery and some pictures in Webster Parish contributed by Charles Haynes.

  • Added pictures of all headstones in Woodville Cemetery in St. John Parish.

  • DeeDee DiBenedetto has provided hundreds of articles and hundreds of hours of research for this web site's pages of governors, notables, civil war generals and others.  And now Bonnie & Clyde.  We thank her for her fantastic donations and continued interest in enhancing this web site for Louisiana.

  • Added numerous articles to Bonnie & Clyde Ambush site page.

  • Added F. T. Baptist Cemetery and Hansberry Family Cemetery in East Feliciana Parish.

February, 2010

January, 2010


December, 2009

November, 2009

October, 2009

  • A page defining Governor Numbering used by La-Cemeteries© is added.

  • Sadly, Gov. David Treen passed away on October 29 in Metairie at the age of 81.  He is the 57th Governor of Louisiana.

  • Added pictures for Bastrop City Cemetery in Morehouse Parish.

  • A significant start has been made in transcribing the engraving on the tomb of the Army of Northern Virginia Tumulus in Metairie Cemetery.

  • Added removal record of Gov. Flanders from Girod Street Cemetery to Metairie Cemetery.  Revisions also made to his family's pages.

  • Added West Point Reunion Eulogy of Gov. Joshua Baker, written in 1885 by Bvt. Maj.-Gen. George W. Cullum.  Provided to La-Cemeteries© by Ms. Marilee Meyer, Archivist/Cullum Files/West Point Association of Graduates.

  • Added pictures of the burial site of Katherine Flanders Pelton, daughter of Gov. Flanders.  The pictures are from Center Cemetery in East Hartford Connecticut, gifted by John Spaulding, Archivist - Friends of Center Cemetery.

  • Added children pages to Gov. Flanders page.

  • Added Gen. Thomas Moore Scott to Notables/Civil War section.

  • Pictures of Gov. Stephen Bennett Packard's niche in beautiful Washelli Columbarium have been provided by Brenda Spicer of Washelli.  This is a must see for all.

  • Declined Gov. Thomas Jefferson Durant has been located in Oak Hill Cemetery in Washington, D. C.

  • Gov. Stephen Bennett Packard has been located in Washelli Columbarium in Seattle Washington.  Pictures are expected soon.

  • Added Gen. Young M. Moody to Notables/Civil War section.

  • Added a few pictures to the Gov. Baker page.

  • Gov. Baker pictures have been gifted by New York City undergraduate historian Chris Belena.  Expect them to be posted soon.  His stone does not acknowledge his accomplishments.

  • Added unrecognized Governor Stephen Bennett Packard.

  • Gov. Baker is located in Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY.  Pictures later.  Thanks again to DeeDee DiBenedetto for her outstanding help in locating him,

  • Revised text of Gov. Wiltz page.  He was not captured during Admiral Farragut's campaign to New Orleans as reported in one of the Louisiana Governor's books.  He may also not rest in the family tomb in St Louis Cemetery but rather in the Army of Tennessee Tumulus at Metairie Cemetery.

  • Added articles to Gov. Warmoth page.

  • Added article to Col. Bliss Notables page.

  • Added articles to Girod Street Cemetery page.

  • Added articles to Orleans Cemeteries page.

September, 2009

August, 2009

  • Added article to Gov. Pleasant page.

  • Added articles to Gov. Henry Allen page.

  • Added articles to Gov. Wickliffe pages.

  • Added eulogy to Gov. Hebert page.

  • Added article re: ex-Gov Hahn being saved from hanging by Voorhies.

  • Added Lt. Gov. Voorhies eulogy to Gov. Wells page.

  • Added MiniObits and Eulogy of Alfred Roman to Gov. Roman page.

  • Added dates of governor terms to each Governor page.

  • Added Emma Kitchel Gardner Mouton as a Notable.  She is the face of Pocahontas in the Capitol Rotunda painting, The Baptism of Pocahontas.  DeeDee DiBenedetto discovered the connection.

  • Added articles related to Governors Beauvais, Bienville, Derbigny, Dupre, Robertson, Thibodaux, Johnson, Roman and Wickliffe to their web pages submitted by DeeDee DiBenedetto.

  • Added Wickliffe Plantation link to Governor Wickliffe page.

  • Added pictures of Little Zion Baptist Cemetery in Point Coupee Parish.

  • Added pictures of Howe Cemetery in Red River Parish contributed by Jeri Cobb.

  • Began transcribing the last will and testament of Elizabeth R. Johnson, wife of Gov. Henry Johnson.  She died in 1860.

  • Added multiple term governors to the left menu listing in order of service.

  • Changed Governors Drop Down box to alphabetical listing.

  • Completed adding Data Boxes for each governor.

  • Added pictures of Lettsworth and St. Mark Cemeteries in Pointe Coupee Parish contributed by Paul Vincent.

  • Added pictures of Atchafalaya Cemetery in St. Landry Parish contributed by Paul Vincent.

  • Added pictures of New Chapel Hill Baptist Cemetery in Ouachita Parish contributed by Gwen Sawyer Smith.

  • Added pictures of Mulhearn Cemetery in Ouachita Parish.

  • Country Roads magazine features our governors search in this article, The Dead Governors Society by Ruth Laney.

  • Added pictures of Vickers Cemetery in Bienville contributed by Jeri Cobb.

  • Began adding a data box to each governor's web page.

  • Added burial location of Jean-Baptiste Bienville.

July, 2009

  • Added partial transcription list for Howe Cemetery in Red River Parish contributed by Jeri Cobb.

  • Added pictures and transcriptions for Rocky Branch Cemetery in Union Parish contributed by Gwen Sawyer Smith in memory of Merton Barry Bennett, Jr.

  • Removed reference to Gov. Henry Johnson's youngest son who was stated to have died of yellow fever in Thibodaux in September 1853.  This is believed to be incorrect.  See the Mystery Son.

  • Added drop down selection box on Governors pages

  • Added pictures and transcription of Girod Street Cemetery stones that now reside on a wall of Hope Mausoleum.

  • Added bible verse transcription from the back of the Key-Johnson tomb in Thibodaux's St. Joseph Cemetery.

  • Added a link to pictures of Amacker Cemetery, near Kentwood, on Christine's Genealogy website.

  • Discovered the name of Gov. Henry Johnson's youngest son who died of yellow fever in Thibodaux in September 1853.

June, 2009  

May, 2009  

  • Added Lt. General Richard Taylor to the Notables section.  He is the son of Zachary Taylor, brother-in-law of Jefferson Davis and Col. William Bliss.  His tomb is in Metairie Cemetery.

  • Added pictures of St. Philomena Cemetery in Assumption Parish.

  • Added pcitures of Olla Cemetery in LaSalle Parish.

  • Added pictures of Rosehill Cemetery in East Feliciana Parish.

  • Added pictures of Rising Star Baptist Cemetery in Iberville Parish.

  • Added pictures of Leblanc Catholic Cemetery in Vermillion Parish.

  • Added pictures of St. Gabriel Cemetery in Iberville Parish.

  • St. Tammany Parish is revised incorporating Microsoft's Virtual Earth for mapping.

  • Added pictures of Assumption Catholic, Christ Episcopal and  Immaculate Conception Cemeteries in Assumption Parish.

  • Added pictures of St. John the Evangelist Cemetery in Lafourche Parish.

  • Added pictures of Garden of Memories Cemetery in Terrebonne Parish.

  • Added pictures of Mt. Zion Baptist and Prospect Cemetery in Jackson Parish.

  • Added pictures of Grand Isle Cemetery in Jefferson Parish.

  • Added more pictures of St. Elizabeth Cemetery in Assumption Parish.

  • Pictures added for Chauvin, St. Elie, St. Francis de Sales Cemetery No. 2 and Picou Cemetery in Terrebonne Parish.

  • Added 1885 newspaper article about Gov. Pinchback.

  • Pictures added for Quitman Baptist Cemetery in Jackson Parish.

  • Pictures added for St. Francis de Sales in Terrebonne Parish and St. Joseph Cemetery in Lafourche Parish.

  • St. Helena Parish is revised incorporating Microsoft's Virtual Earth for mapping.

  • Added pictures and transcription of relatives tombs adjacent to Gov. Beauvais tomb.

  • Governor Beauvais is found after a long search.  Added picture of Gov. Beauvais tomb in St. Louis Cemetery #2.

  • Updated picture of Gov. Louis Wiltz in St. Louis Cemetery #2.

  • Added pictures of Gov. Jacques Villere in St. Louis Cemetery #2.

April, 2009  

March, 2009  

February, 2009  

January, 2009  

  • Added pictures to the Gov. Huey Pierce Long page.

  • A new section titled "Presidents" was added to present a few Presidential Memorials and Grave Sites.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy and William Howard Taft are complete. 

  • Avoyelles, Cameron, Evangeline, Jefferson, Lafayette, Orleans, St. Mary and West Baton Rouge Parishes are complete incorporating Microsoft's Virtual Earth for mapping. 

  • Two Unknown cemeteries were identified and one cemetery was located by a contributor In West Carroll Parish.

December, 2008

  • A new section titled "Notables" was added to present the cemetery memorials of Louisiana notables such as an ambassador, U. S. Senators and confederate generals.    

  • Ascension, Assumption, East Feliciana and Point Coupee Parishes are complete incorporating Microsoft's Virtual Earth for mapping. 

  • A complete recent transcription of St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery in Patterson of St. Mary Parish was submitted by Desiree Cavalier and Linda Cheramie.  St Joseph is a very large cemetery.  The last transcription had been performed in 1935.

November, 2008

  • Lincoln, Natchitoches, Sabine and Washington Parishes are complete incorporating Microsoft's Virtual Earth for mapping. 

October, 2008

  • Jackson, Jefferson Davis, Madison, Morehouse, Richland, Sabine  and Tensas Parishes are complete incorporating Microsoft's Virtual Earth for mapping.  Sabine Parish is under construction.  A long overdue Contributors page was added.

September, 2008

  • Concordia, DeSoto, Franklin, Grant, Iberia, LaSalle and Ouachita Parishes are complete incorporating Microsoft's Virtual Earth for mapping. 

  • Iberville Parish Indian Mound Cemetery has new transcription and additional data by Bob Carlin.

August, 2008

  • Claiborne Parish, Iberville Parish, Union Parish and Webster Parish cemetery pages are complete incorporating Microsoft's Virtual Earth for mapping.  Microsoft's Virtual Earth aerial photos are hazy in some parishes such as Webster.   Even so, they are better than anything previously available.

July, 2008

  • Confederate States of America (CSA) veterans in a cemetery is now indicated for all parishes.

  • East Baton Rouge Parish is revised now incorporating Microsoft's Virtual Earth for mapping.

  • Vernon Parish cemetery pages (4) are complete incorporating Microsoft's Virtual Earth for mapping.

June, 2008

  • Beauregard, Bienville, Bossier, Calcasieu, Catahoula, East & West Carroll, Vermilion and Winn Parish are complete, incorporating Microsoft's Virtual Earth for mapping.

May 26, 2008 (Memorial Day)

  • Allen Parish is complete and incorporates an exciting use of Microsoft's Virtual Earth for mapping and aerial views as does Acadia Parish.

  • Winn Parish cemeteries are all listed with transcription links and many locations. Virtual Earth mapping and aerial views are being added.

May 11, 2008 (Mother's Day)

  • Not much has happened with La-Cemeteries© since the death of my mother in July 2007.  Recently I have finally acquired renewed interest in completing all 64 parishes. 

  • Acadia Parish is now complete and incorporates an exciting use of Microsoft's Virtual Earth for mapping and aerial views.  The quality is fantastic, the user interface allows for dragging and zooming the map/aerial views, and an occasional 3-D view is available.  Check out St. Joseph Cemeteries in Rayne and then click on Bird's eye for the 3-D view.

  • For several years I have been reluctant to adopt either Microsoft's Virtual Earth or Google Maps over concern that they might make a change that would require corresponding changes in the thousands of cemetery maps contained within La-Cemeteries©.  I finally accept the risk so as to provide the greatly added functionality provided by Microsoft's Virtual Earth ™ .  Uncompleted parishes will use this new feature when published.  Some already completed parishes will be revised as well.

July 2007

  • I traveled 3400 miles by car to search for 5 out of state governors.  Kellogg (Virginia), Shepley (Maine) and Wickliffe (Kentucky) were found.  Baker (Connecticut) and Robertson (West Virginia) are still missing.  See the Governors section for more details.

  • 38 deceased governors have been visited.  Their cemetery, memorial or headstone pictures are posted on this site. 

  • There are ten governors yet to visit or find.

May 2006

  • Lafayette becomes our 32nd parish of cemeteries.

April 2006

  • St. Landry is our 31st parish of cemeteries.  It is presented in a rough form.  You can see what we start with.  It presently lists 102 cemeteries but a full search has not yet been done, so there will be many more later.  We now list 2923 cemeteries of Louisiana.

  • Several hundred pictures of East Baton Rouge Cemeteries were added .

  • Many pictures were added for Ascension Catholic Cemetery in Ascension parish.

  • Pictures were added to four more cemeteries following a trip to Prairieville, Dutchtown and Geismar in Ascension Parish.

  • Pictures were added for a number of cemeteries in St. Charles Parish.

  • Completed page 1 of the Tangipahoa Parish Cemetery pages.  Page 2 is active with road maps being added.  Pages 3 & 4 need aerial views and road maps.


  • Evangeline parish now has aerial views of all located cemeteries.  Aerial views are being added in Tangipahoa.  Our 31st parish will be St. Landry, which is shown in dark blue on the Louisiana map.


  • A drop down selection list for parishes was added to each cemetery page.  The hyperlink bar was changed to a more concise format. A parish links page was added.


  • Caddo  - We are still incorporating data from Mr. John Head and Joseph Slattery into Caddo Parish Cemeteries.  The end is in sight.

  • Evangeline - Our 30th parish is Evangeline.  Under construction, but viewable now.  All the cemeteries are listed together with available  tombstone transcription lists.  


  • Parishes now total 29.  Our goal for the 1st qtr 2006 is 32 parishes out of Louisiana's 64.  There is no resting going on here!
  • Caddo - Aerial views and road maps are compete.  Now incorporating data for many additional cemeteries graciously sent to us by Mr. John Head and Mr. Joseph Slattery.
  • Tangipahoa  - Usable now.  Cemetery hunt was under way, but now in limbo until Caddo is complete.
  • Washington - Usable now but Identifying unknown cemeteries is on hold.  Lots and lots of work left.


This Times Picayune article details damage to south La. cemeteries due to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Blogg....December 16, 2005

BACKWARDS PROGRESS...    I could see the light at the end of the Caddo tunnel when I installed a new version of my mapping software.  I'm old enough to know better.  That installation has brought the preparation of aerial views to a halt.  The newer version of mapping software lost functionality and all my notes for 3000+ cemeteries disappeared from it.  Plus I can't add the cemetery name to the aerial view now.  Progress?

Anyway, the maker has issued one revision to try to fix that but he didn't quite grasp the significance of the problem and that fix only partially helped.  He's back at his design table and says it'll be fixed in a version to be released this week.  In the meantime I put Caddo on the shelf and moved to St. Tammany where there are plenty of road maps to add.

REAL WORK    A month or so ago I started a job in St. Bernard parish at a refinery that flooded.  The devastation I see on the trip too and fro through ByWater, 9th ward, Arabi and Chalmette is truly not describable.   I pass many cemeteries, but in the dark both ways.  Soon I hope to make a day trip and get some cemetery pictures. 

STATUS    Now well over 3,000 cemeteries in 29 parishes and still finding more.  The ugly grunt work of creating web ready aerial views and road maps is hampering faster progress.

Recent cemetery visits have included picture taking.  Many photos have been added to the tables, in Iberville, Ascension, Red River and some other parishes. I recently misplaced 100 pictures from 12 cemeteries after a days work somewhere on my giant hard disc.  At least I hope they're still there somewhere and hopefully will arise at some point.

Sadly, many graves in numerous cemeteries are on the verge of completely disappearing in 1 to 10 years or less.  Those doing transcriptions are the only salvation for this source of our genealogical history.

October, 2005

HURRICANES    With 2005 Hurricanes Katrina and then Rita, many south Louisiana cemeteries suffered significant damage from the rising waters and winds.  It appears that some Plaquemine Parish cemeteries are now lost to us forever from the permanent flooding and damage of Hurricane Katrina.  We expect others in coastal parishes to be lost also due to permanent inundation from Hurricane Rita. 

Many other cemeteries across Louisiana suffered the indignity of floating tombs and coffins, often found miles from their original sites.  Many will not be found for years. The opportunity to have documented the deceased from headstones is lost forever in many cases. 


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