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Haynes Cemetery

Shongaloo La


By: Charles Haynes




Submitted by Charles Haynes for Publication by La-Cemeteries on 3/14/2010

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There are two unknown infant graves in this cemetery.


There is one grave outside the fence in the woods, on the back side of the cemetery.

The grave is:

S.D. Haynes   Born-1863   Died-1931


There are 41 graves inside of the fence.

These are the graves:


J.R. Hodges   Born-1822   Died-1899                        


Sarah J.   Born-1833   Died-1877


Johnny Newton Warner   Born-1948


Nancy Thibodeaux   Born-1950   Died-1993

Haynes Warner  Died-1945


 5 infants of S.D. Haynes- Died-Unknown


Samuel Haynes   Born-1809   Died-1875


Caroline Dickerson   Born-1823   Died-1901


Miss L.R. Haynes   Born-1841   Died-1877


3 infants of Gin Haynes Bird- Died-Unknown


John M. Vaughan   Born-1893   Died-1894

Francis F. Vaughan   Born-1882   Died-1884


F.M. Vaughan   Born-1860   Died-1938


Ella Savannah   Born-1861   Died-1936


Lushie Haynes   Born-1878   Died-1870

David Haynes   Born-1890   Died-1891

Reaty Haynes   Born-1904   Died-1905



D.M. Haynes   Born-1842   Died-1915


Marcy Haynes   Born-1850   Died-1925


There are 4 children of John T. Formby- Names-unknown   Died-unknown


J.O. Haynes   Born-1848   Died-1918


Mary A. Haynes   Born-1847   Died-1885


Infant of J.O. Haynes- Name- unknown   Died-unknown


Children of J.O. Haynes:

Lucinda Caroline Haynes   Born-1885   Died-1885

Mary Savilla Haynes    Born-1883   Died-1889


James K. Haynes   Born-1868   Died-1917


M. Allice Haynes   Born-1869   Died-1918


5 infants of James K. Haynes   Name-unknown   Died-unknown