Millard Hill Cemetery Transcription (AA)


Earnest Hannon                                                     10/18/1921-10/31/1988

Johnny Griffin                                        08/10/1896-06/03/1988 Home made marker

Gordia Watley Carr                           10/20/1921-04/20/1994

Olvar Mardis Turner                          08/29/1941-04/08/1992

Alma H. Brown Carr                           11/27/1906-12/10/1991

Edwina B. Holley                                  10/06/1924-10/11/1989

Warren T. Gibson                                05/18/1923-06/03/1984 VeteranŐs marker, PVT US Army

Augusty Brown                                      08/13/1914-01/28/1982 VeteranŐs marker, US NAVY WWII

Obra Lee Brown                                                     02/26/1938-11/14/1979

Leon Rederford (?)                              08/1890-09/09/1945(?) VeteranŐs stone, difficult to read

Marshall Carr                                        11/01/1955-08/01/1973

Albert Son Carr                                     09/08/1904-05/20/1988

Vasie Carr                                                1938-?  Homemade marker, difficult to read

J. Carr                                                          07/????-09/???? Homemade marker, difficult to read

Sarah Carr                                                1860-1910 (?) Homemade marker, difficult to read

Roy L. Carr                                                03/06/1902-06/28/1908 Son of Henry & Laura, stone broken

Sarah Carr                                                03/29/1852-03/24/1927 Double stone with Uncle Jeff

Uncle Jeff Carr                                       01/10/1845-06/14/1926 Double stone with Sarah Carr

Burrell Jones                                          Dates not visible, stone is partially buried

Lexie H. Slater                                       Dates not visible, stone is partially buried

Floydell Morgan                                   10/14/1957-04/20/1977, homemade stone

George Allen Carr                               1926-2012, Concrete vault

Frances Simmons (?)                         02/02/1881-06/08/1961(?) Stone is difficult to read

John Simons                                           02/06/1881-07/26/1961

Lorene Bryant                                       1922-2000 Concrete vault

Falvie Carr                                               11/18/1891-05/20/1967

Gloria Carr                                               1896-1988

Gladys Brown                                        09/20/1916-10/11/1976

Olar Brown                                              08/04/1896-05/04/1979

Noah Caldwell                                      02/19/1942-07/05/1962

Robert L. Haulcy                                  ChildŐs stone, lamb on top, very old, could not read dates

Luther Russell                                       10/09/1915-10/12/1964

Garland Brown                                     04/06/1909-03/03/1970

Dorris Lowe                                            11/10/1923-03/21/1992

LaTisha Ann Gipson                           06/05/1989-10/02/2008 Homemade wooden cross

Ora Finley                                                 No Dates-Wooden Cross

Elijah Braggs Sr                                     01/18/1920-12/08/2012 VeteranŐs marker, PVT US ARMY WWII

Ralph Boyd                                              08/27/1942-04/14/2012 Funeral home marker only

Ella Mae Haulcy                                                     12/10/1938-10/28/2004

O. Loyd                                                       No dates, Wooden stake driven into ground

W. Loyd                                                      No dates, Wooden stake driven into ground

Lillie Mae Hollinquest                     01/07/1900-04/11/1971

Mrs. ___ Warren                                  1896-1968, difficult to read

Mrs. Mollie Holland                          12/15/1918-01/08/19--, Stone is homemade & flat on ground, broken

Bessie T. Manning                              04/12/1907-unknown,  stone is partially buried

R. Everett                                                  Dates unknown, wooden stake driven in ground

A. C. Haulcy                                             Dates unknown, wooden stake driven in ground

J. T. Taylor                                                04/03/1928-07/15/2003

B. Haulcy                                                   Dates unknown, wooden stake driven in ground

P. Boyd                                                       Dates unknown, wooden stake driven in ground

H. W. Bowie                                            Dates unknown, wooden stake driven in ground

L. Griffin                                                     Dates unknown, wooden stake driven in ground

J. Griffin                                                     Dates unknown, wooden stake driven in ground

Oscar Lewell                                          Dates unknown, large concrete vault, bright blue

Mary Archie                                            1901-1998, very small homemade stone

Christine Braggs                                                    1931-1996, large concrete vault

Alton Lewis                                             04/02/1941-07/27/1955

Isaac Holland                                        Est. birth: 1804-09/15/1909; ŇAge 105 yearsÓ

Carlton Smith                                        1917, no other dates

Caroline Brown                                                      Died 1912, no other dates

Pete Brown                                             No dates, double stone with Tiney

Tiney Brown                                            No dates, double stone with Pete

Mrs. Lizzie Loyd                                                      1879-1966

Gertrude Haulcy                                  08/25/1876-09/29/1910, w/o Elbert

Mattie Russell                                      1877-1941

Mary Lue Russell                                 Dates unreadable, very old homemade stone

Henry Manning                                                       09/16/1873-01/05/1958

Willie Brown                                          02/06/1982-05/28/1971, VeteranŐs stone, PVT CO H 65 PIONEER INF, WWI

Lidce Talor (sic)                                    03/02/1877-08/29/1945; very crude homemade stone, but legible

Stellar Taylor                                         01/19/1880-04/14/1964

Stella Hausley Taylor                       Died at age of 105, no other dates

Clark Everett                                          05/22/1913-04/29/1967

Lular Taylor                                             02/17/1905-10/17/1983

Mattie Mae Hauslcy Wallace     09/14/1918-09/09/1991

Leander Taylor                                     10/30/1895-10/21/1989, VeteranŐs stone, PVT US ARMY, WWI

Ben Brown                                               12/09/1921-01/04/1980, VeteranŐs stone, TEC 3, US ARMY, WWII

Jimmie Brown                                       03/06/1905-01/16/1973, Double stone with Lillie

Lillie Brown                                             02/22/1915-04/17/1997, Double stone with Jimmie

Clifton Anthony Davis                      08/09/1948-09/21/1968, VeteranŐs stone, SP4 70 ENG BN, VIETNAM, PH (Sgt. Davis was a ground casualty of Vietnam, killed by a mortar)

Patricia Ann Carr                                 01/08/1959-01/15/1960, Daughter of George A. & Nevada Carr, New Stone

E. Bragg                                                      No dates, wooden stake driven in ground

Bragg                                                           Nothing else, wooden cross driven in ground

Margie Benson                                     08/06/1918-12/03/1991, only stone with photograph

Roxie Ann Price                                    08/19/1903-09/11/1979

Wesley Russell                                     08/07/1903-09/16/1997 (Deacon)

Mary Eliza Russell                               12/05/1908-01/27/1980

Fred Hood                                                05/01/1924-06/29/?? VeteranŐs stone, SGT US ARMY, WWII

Wilbert Archie                                      1909-1991

Louretta Archie                                    1903-1993

Olester Modest                                    1982-1997

Vada Russell Collins Watley       02/17/1910-04/13/2002

Eva Griffin                                                 08/29/1910-06/22/1995

Ira Braggs                                                 08/21/1952-03/21/1999

Tiney Brown Hannon                        03/31/1923-03/29/1995

Clarice Meeking                                   02/15/1937-08/18/1995, Double stone with Wallace (not deceased)


This survey was taken on 04/22/2013.  I had never visited this cemetery before today but it is a

Completely fascinating cemetery.  The road