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Mt. Olivet Baptist Cemetery


Transcription List by

Inez Sandefur LaHaye & Gladys L. Sandefur

Published with permission of Gladys L. Sandefur

February 14, 2010


The minutes of the BAYOU CHICOT BAPTIST CHURCH of Bayou Chicot,
Louisiana, dated 13 Feb. 1858 show that Robert MCCRORY, L. B. J. SHAW
and Mary FOGLEMAN were dismissed to "come into an organization on
Bayou Bouef ," which is probably the reason for the following donation:

St. Landry Parish, Louisiana conveyance #4518. Robert MCCRORY and
Lucinda MCCRORY, his wife, to Mount Olivet Church, 16 June 1860.

State of Louisiana. Be it known that on this the sixteenth day of June one
thousand eight hundred and sixty, before me Barnabas S. GAY, a notary
public in and for the parish of St. Landry and the State of Louisiana, duly
commissioned and sworn personally came and appeared Robert McCrory
and his wife Lucinda Holley, both of the above named State and Parish who
declared that for and in consideration of the Faith, Love and Esteem they
have for the cause of Religion and particularly for the Baptist Church on
Bayou Bouef called Mount Olivet and also for the diverse good causes and
consideration, that the said Robert McCrory and Lucinda Holley his wife
have given, granted and confirmed and by these presence does give, grant
and confirm unto the said Mount Olivet Church as aforesaid one acre of
land more or less measuring forty yards front by one hundred yards in
depth on the upper line on front of said Bayou Bouef for the purpose of
building a Baptist Church for the use of Mount Olivet Church to have and to
hold the said land unto said Mount Olivet Church for its use and behalf
forever. It is understood that said land, is given expressly for the building of
a Baptist Church and cannot be dispersed of only by consent of said Mount
Olivet Church. This done and ? at the home of Robert McCrory on the
sixteenth day of June one thousand and eight hundred and sixty in
presence of E. Fogleman and Romulus S. Epperson lawful witnesses
residing in said Parish of St. Landry and me said notary, Robert McCrory,
Lucinda McCrory, E. Fogleman, R. S. Epperson, B. S. Gay, Notary Public.

The church was reached by a lane on the right just after you crossed the
bridge at Whiteville going toward Beggs. The church has long been gone,
but the graveyard is still there in a patch of woods in the field behind the
present home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Williams, which is built on the same
location as the home of Thomas McCrory and his wife, Rachel Holley. The
1850 St. Landry census shows that Robert McCrory (brother to Thomas)
and his wife Lucinda Holley (sister to Rachel, both daughters of Nathaniel
Holley and Sarah Owens) lived next door to each other.

The graveyard is now covered with brush, poison ivy, trees and wandering
cows, but the following inscriptions were legible when copied in 1981 by Inez
Sandefur LaHaye and Gladys and Herschel Sandefur:


(wife of Daniel SANDEFUR, Sr.)
6 March 1843
21 May 1924

Daniel SANDEFUR, Sr.
28 Dec. 1829
8 Oct. 1910

Elizabeth THOMPSON (wife of
Henry SANDEFUR; mo/of Daniel
13 Jan 1808
12 July 1872

Herschel SANDEFUR (son/of
Daniel & Emily SANDEFUR)
16 May 1882
2 Feb. 1915

Emily SANDEFUR (dau/of Daniel
& Emily SANDEFUR, twin to
Daniel SANDEFUR, Jr.)
16 May 1876
28 Sept. 1876

Mary Lorena STAGG (wife of Charly
STAGG; dau/of Daniel & Emily
10 Sept. 1884
2 Nov. 1938

Charly STAGG (hus/of Mary
8 Oct. 1861
4 July 1928

Ray Neil STAGG and Sisters
Children of Raymond STAGG
10 Feb. 1931

MARTIN -An old iron headstone -
no information.

27 Oct. 1811
8 Dec. 1876

10 July 1864
21 Nov. 1896

24 Dec. 1833
22 Feb. 1885

#Mary Ann McDANIEL
(wife of Adolph SAVANT)
died 1893 (no marker)

In memory of Octavia, dau/of
John & Liliian DORMAN
16 Oct. 1882
1 Jan. 1886

Josiah HUCKABY, husband of
30 Nov. 1822
5 Jan. 1884

16 Jan. 1825
9 Aug. 1883

17 April 1874
3 March 1920

18 Dec. 1880
24 Sept. 1882

William SHEETS
11 Sept. 1848
25 Feb. 1918

Ned SHEETS, grandson/of Wm. Sheets.
(no marker)

# Georgiane MIRE
3 Nov 1938 (no marker)

Information in ( ) added by Gladys Sandefur.

# Information from Mrs. Thelma PIERRELL of Washington, LA (now
deceased), a descendant of Mary Ann MCDANIEL and Adolph SAVANT.

*Information from Essie DEARE NUGENT (now deceased).


On June 16, 1860, Robert McCrory and his wife, Lucinda Holley gave an acre
of land, more or less, expressly for building Mount Olivet Baptist Church
and for use of the land for good.

The church has long been gone but the cemetery is still in a patch of woods
in a field at Whiteville, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. There are about 15
monuments that can still be found, other than those in the Sandefur plot.

In 1986 the Sandefur plot was cleaned by Herschel & Gladys Sandefur, Alvin
'Bud' Sandefur and Janet Townsend, granddaughter of Leila Sandefur
Townsend. Most likely, at this date, November 25, 2008 it is again covered
with brush, poison ivy and trees.

Those buried in the Sandefur plot are: Emily McCrory, wife of Daniel
Sandefur, Sr.; Daniel Sandefur, Sr.; Elizabeth Thompson, wife of Henry
Sandefur, mother of Daniel, Sr.; Herschel Sandefur; son of Daniel & Emily;
and Emily, twin to Daniel, Jr.

Children of Elijah Curry Milburn and Anna Marie Leigh
Carrie Leigh Milburn
b. 26 March 1867
d. 2 July 1869

Fenwick Leigh Milburn
b. 2 Aug. 1871
d. 7 Dec. 1873

Octavia, daughter of John and Lillian Dorman
b. 16 Oct 1882
d. 1 Jan. 1886