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Moundville Cemetery


Transcription List by

Inez Sandefur LaHaye & Gladys L. Sandefur


Chip McGimsey and Roanna Carrierie
15 July 1999

Published with permission of Gladys L. Sandefur

February 14, 2010

Inscriptions on monuments listed in sequence as they were read. Since
there was a heavy ground cover of vines, some monuments could easily
have been missed. Inventoried May 18, 1981 by Gladys L. Sandefur and
Inez Sandefur LaHaye.

The following was taken from a letter that Mrs. Sandefur received from Mrs.
Thelma Pierrell of Washington, St. Landry parish, Louisiana, in 1975.

"Moundville was a laid off town before Washington was formed because it
was a better steamboat landing. It had a school, church and plots of land
exceeding 100 in number. A bridge allowed Bayou Boeuf people to reach
the cemetery. In 1960, when I went there last, a gully had widened and taken
in many graves the older people say were buried there. One, Ferdinand
Wartelle whose family bought up the lots as people died or moved away and
today Wartelle's plantation is called Moundville, La".

Dr. Daniel H. Quirk, son of Celeste Wilds & Thomas Quirk
b. 8 June 1818
d. 12 March 1841

Celeste Wilds, wife of Thomas Quirk
b. 15 Feb. 1796, St. Landry Parish
d. 6 Sept. 1832, aged 56 years

Thomas Quirk
b. 21 April 1781, Mercer Co., Ky
d. 24 Jan. 1857

Willa Celeste Quirk
b. 6 Jan. 1856
d. 3 July 1857

Stephen Quirk
b. 28 Aug. 1815, St. Landry Parish
d. 28 Aug. 1859, St. Landry Parish

Martha Delia Quirk (wife of J. B. Schmit)
b. 20 May 1830
d. 19 March 1859

Child's grave, marker destroyed

Mary Reed
b. 15 April 1786
d. 24 Nov. 1855

William Reed
b. 15 April 1813
d. Dec. 1854

Child's grave, no marker

*Nathan Curtis McCrory
b. 25 Aug. 1857
d. 17 Aug. 1858

*Robert Arthur McCrory
b. 22 Dec. 1858
d. 15 Aug. 1859

** 1 Large brick vault, marble slab, no inscription, next to McCrory children.

* Children of Thomas Nathaniel McCrory and his second wife, Cora Hebert.
** This is could very well be the grave of Alice Jane McCrory Montgomery
wife of Henderson Montgomery, a first cousin to T. N. McCrory. Daniel
Sandefur, Jr. and his brother Toleman, sons of Emily Ann McCrory, sister of
Alice Jane, often went to the cemetery "because our aunt is buried there".

Hugh L. Wilson, M.D.
b. 6 July 1801 in Butler Co., Ky
d. 26 June 1841

Mrs. Charlotte Webb
b. 26 Aug. 1795
d. 25 Feb. 1858

Amos Webb
b. 25 May 1789
d. 31 March 1854
(Webb graves are inside ar ornate iron fence)

George A. Wikoff
b. 3 Sept. 1836
d. 18 Jan. 1899

3 whitewashed vaults, no inscriptions. These seem to be much newer than
other graves in cemetery.

Jesse Young -concrete whitewashed cross, no inscription

2 concrete vaults. no inscriptions

2 very old brick vaults, no inscriptions

2 brick slabs covered with a thin layer of concrete, no inscriptions

Emile Vidrine
Co. H. Miles LA. Legion CSA - no dates

3 love brick covered graves, no inscriptions

4 old brick vaults, almost completely crumbled away

1 slab with concrete cross, finger writing on slab, illegible

1 concrete cross, writing illegible

Elizabeth Hudspeth consort of William Watkins
b. 30 Aug. 1827
d. 29 Dec. 1846
19 yrs, 2 mo, 29 days

Mary Hickman, wife of George Hudspeth
d. 15 April 1835 in the 30th year of her life

George Husdpeth
died in the 54th year - no dates

9 vine covered brick vaults, crumbling, no inscriptions

1 brick slab with thin layer of concrete, no inscription

3 brick vaults, tumbled down, vine covered

1 concrete cross, writing illegible

Joseph L'Airine
concrete vault with concrete cross, seems
more recent then most of the others.

THESE NAMES WERE RECORDED BY Chip McGimsey and Roanna Carrierie
15 July 1999.

Julia Vallien
b. 4 Sept. 1915
d. 15 April 1991

Jessie Rose Griffin
b. 12 July 1946
d. 11 May 1985

Melvin Griffin
b. 17 March 1924
d. 3 Oct. 1989

Mattie Young
d. 17 April 1956

Mary Lou Griffin
b. 5 March 1938
d. 3 Jan. 1980

Joseph Griffin
b. 13 Oct. 1963
d. 20 July 1982

Laurence Vallin
b. 15 Dec. 1910
d. 18 July 1928

Jette, rest of name illigeble, no dates

McCormick Guibbs Warrern, no inscriptions

McCormick, Guibbs, complete name illegible

Joseph Lavine

Lou Ella, no last name
b. 21 Aug. 1868
d. 5 yrs., 6ms., 2 days

Mary Lou, no last name
b. 21 Aug. 1868
d. 2 yrs., 6 ms., 11 days