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Smith-Kelly-Adolph Cemetery (PA50)


Transcription by Karen Anglada


Name Born Died
Annie Caroline Smith Kelly Adolph 5-Mar-1853 29-Apr-37
Frank Adolph 1844 26-Jun-30
Josephine Adolph 1-Aug-1890 4-Mar-08
Lena Adolph 18-Dec-1883 unknown
Alexander Kelly 3-Apr-1871 1-Nov-44
Baby Kelly 28-Jun-08 6-Jul-08
Hugh Kelly Jr 24-Mar-1865 18-Mar-28
Hugh Kelly 1837 21-Feb-05
Mary Elizabeth Kelly 18-Sep-10 20-Feb-31
Roseline Jackson Kelly 21-Oct-1884 27-Mar-05
Sarah Kelly Perlander 29-Nov-1872 5-Feb-37
Mary Igatha O'Carter Smith 1822 27-Jan-05

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