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George Washington
1st President of the United States

President by Election
Served from April 30, 1789
Served to March 4, 1797
Left Office by Did not run for reelection
Succeeded by John Adams
Father Augustine Washington
Mother Mary Washington
Born February 22, 1732
Popes Creek, Virginia
Died December 14, 1799
Mount Vernon Estate
Mount Vernon, Virginia
Cause Throat infection
Age 67
Party Independent
Education Elementary Schooling
Profession Soldier, politican, farmer
Spouse Martha Dandridge Custis
Children 0
Children, Raised 1, John "Jacky" Parke Custis (step-son)
2, Martha "Patsy" Parke Custis (died age 16) (step-dauther)
3, George Washington Parke Custis (step-grandson)
4, Eleanor Parke Custis (step-granddaughter)
Burial Mount Vernon Estate Cemetery
Mount Vernon, Virginia

1789 - 1797

George Washington, the 1st President, was born February 22, 1732 in Popes Creek, Virginia. He died December 14, 1799 on Mount Vernon Estate in Mount Vernon, Virginia.   He was buried in the Mount Vernon Estate Cemetery.

Major-General Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee, at the request of Congress, wrote the Funeral Oration incuding these words: "First in war- first in peace- and first in the hearts of his countrymen...". Washington was beloved by his countrymen.

George was the son of Augustine and Mary Washington. George was the third child of Augustine. The first two were from a previous marriage. By age eleven his father died. His older brother Lawrence looked after him. By sixteen he started working and learned surveying on lands owned by Lord Fairfax. At seventeen he began his own surveying business.

In 1759, he married widower Martha Custis with two children, two had previously died. She had wealth. They lived at Mount Vernon leasing from his half-brother Lawrence's widow. Upon her death in 1761, he inherited the property.

He helped raise Martha's two children. Step-son John Parke Custis died in 1781 leaving four children. The two youngest grand children were also raised by Martha and George.

He was commissioned a lieutenant colonel in 1754 and fought in some of the French and Indian Wars. By 1759 he managed his lands, and served in the Virginia House of Burgesses. He was a Virginia delegate to the Second Continental Congress in 1775 and was elected Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.

Years later after the War of Independence was won, the Constitution was ratified in 1787, Washington was elected President. He served two terms, retired to his Mount Vernon and died in 1799 from a throat infection.

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