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William Howard Taft

27th President

March 4, 1909 - March 4, 1913

President Taft is interred in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, the first president to ever be buried there.

After his term as president, Taft was appointed by President Harding as Chief Justice of the United States, serving from July 11, 1921 until February 3, 1930 when he resigned because of illness.  He died the following month.

His predecessor as Chief Justice was Edward Douglass White of Louisiana, the son of Louisiana Governor Edward Douglass White.

William Howard Taft Memorial Site

Arlington National Cemetery

Distance View

Mid-distance View

Taft Memorial

William Howard
1857    1930

of the
United States

Chief Justice
of the
United States

His Wife
Helen Herron
1861    1943




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