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Thomas Jefferson
President of the United States

Preceded by John Adams
President by Election
Served from March 4, 1801
Served to March 4, 1809
Left Office by Did Not Run Again
Succeeded by James Madison
Born April 13, 1743
Shadwell, Va.
Died July 4, 1826
Charlottesville, Va.
Cause Intestinal and urinary issues
Age 83
Party Democratic-Republican
Education College of William & Mary
Law - Va. Bar
Profession Lawyer
Va. Governor
Author - Declaration of Independence
U. S. Secretary of State
Vice President (1 term)
President (2 terms)
Louisiana Purchase
Founder -
University of Virginia
Spouse Martha Wayles
Children 6 by Martha Wayles
more with Sally Hemmings
Plantation Monticello
Religion Episcopal
Burial The Monticello Graveyard

Thomas Jefferson

3rd President

March 4, 1801 - March 4, 1809



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