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Pierre Belly
2nd Lieutenant - 1st Co.
Iberville Coast Militia

American Revolutionary War Veteran

August 17, 1738
Eyrans, France
June 17, 1814
Age 86
Profession Planter, Lawyer, Judge
Spouse Marie Rose
Born Jamaica - 1768
Died August 14, 1828 age 70
Children 6 daughters
Religion Catholic
Burial St. Raphael Cemetery
Pierre Belly, born in France in 1738, is the son of Jean Belly, a textile merchant.

As a result of his father's death in 1753, Pierre received a several Spanish land grants, one being 3,756 acres in the Ibervile District called the Baltimore tract.  This is in the present day White Castle area.

He was a planter and provided lumber to the Spanish colonial government.

In 1779, Pierre received 30 slaves from Jamaica including Marie Rose with whom he had 6 daughters.  Pierre freed Rose and left his estate to her and their daughters.  Marriage was not an option then.

He served as an officer with the Spanish colonial militia and participated in the Galvez expedition against the British in 1779.  He retired from the militia in 1802.  In 1814 he joined a company from Iberville to defend New Orleans in the War of 1812.

In the earliest days of the Louisiana Territority, he served as a civil judge for Iberville from 1805 - 1807.

Pierre and Rose were buried on their plantation.  About 1860 their remains were removed to the tomb of their grandson Pierre Cyprien Ricard in St. Raphael Cemetery.

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