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David Frank Dixon

Born June 4, 1923
New Orleans
Died August 8, 2010
New Orleans
Age 87
Education Tulane University
Spouse Mary Coyle Shea
Children 3 sons
Religion Catholic
Burial Metairie Cemetery

1923 - 2010

David Frank Dixon, born June 4, 1923 in New Orleans, died August 8, 2010 in New Orleans.  He was 87.

Mr. Dixon was an extraordinary visionary, sports enthusiast and businessman.  His accomplishments were remarkable, any one of which would have been a life time of work for an ordinary person.



It was August 8, 2008 when fate would permit me to meet Dave and Mary Dixon.  I was struggling to jam a long pole type tree saw into my car in a store parking lot.  A man parked nearby and came to help.  I was wearing an LSU hat which led to a football discussion.  A 1968 graduate of LSU and as an early childhood fan, I knew well the names of Warren Rabb, Lynn Gauthreaux, Johnny Robinson, Paul Dietzel and others including radio announcer Felix Casanova whose voice memorializes the Billy Cannon run.

But I did not know all the names this man was referring to at LSU.  He was very knowledgeable.  I introduced myself.  He said he was Stuart Dixon.  Immediately I asked "Any relation to Dave Dixon?"  He responded, "Yes, he's my father."  Well, I had lived in the Caribbean for a few years before this and didn't know if he was still alive, but I asked anyway, "How is your dad?"

"He's doing fine.  He's at Sam's signing his book."  I had to have one.  He pulled out his cell phone and dialed.  "Hello mother.  Are ya'll going to be there much longer.  Martin Gauthier wants to come get a book."  Off I went.

Dave and Mary Dixon were behind two folding plastic tables lined with books.  Three or four people were shoulder to shoulder at one table in front of Dave, all trying to have a conversation.  There was a line behind them.  Mrs. Dixon was alone behind the other table handling some papers.  I walked up to her and said "I'm Martin Gauthier.  I'd like to get a book."  "Dave", she said "this is Stuart's friend Martin here to get a book."

Dave immediately joined us at the second table and I had the pleasure of talking to them for a number of minutes undisturbed!  Knowing that the Dixon and McKeithen families were friends, I told them of my visit with Melissa McKeithen Cummings in her home on Hogan Plantation.  I had been there to take pictures of the Governor McKeithen's burial site.  We had a soft drink and rocked on her front porch as she told numerous stories of her dad, the house fire, campaigning and a future family politician.  Mr. Dixon related several McKeithen stories of his own which I was anxious to hear.  My Gauthier name brought forth some stories of the Dixon's two year stay in Paris.

It was a fateful day that always brings a smile to my face when remembered.  I have always admired David Dixon.  I attended Saints games in Tulane Stadium in the late '60s and knew very well that Dave Dixon made the Superdome happen. 

He and his family are delightful people.  And, yes, I have an autographed copy of The Saints, The Superdome and The Scandal, by Dave Dixon.  It is a fast, fun read and very informative.

Mr. Dixon, you cannot be replaced and will be missed and remembered.


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