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Thomas Moore Scott
Confederate States of America
Brigadier General

Served 1861- 1864 (C. S. A.)
Military Captain - 1861
Claiborne Rangers
Colonel - 1861 (C.S.A.)
12th Louisiana Infantry
Brigadier General (C.S.A.)
May 10, 1864
November 30, 1864
Battle of Franklin
Born 1829
Athens, Georgia
Died April 21, 1876
New Orleans
Cause Congestion of brain-alcohol
Age 47
Profession Planter
Spouse Mary Elizabeth Bissell
Children 3, 2 sons, 1 daughter
Burial Greenwood Cemetery

Thomas Moore Scott, a native of Athens, Georgia, was farming in Louisiana near Homer in Claiborne Parish at the time of secession.  He was, until that time, a civilian, married to Mary Elizabeth Bisell from about 1855 with a son and a daughter.

The Claiborne Rangers were organized with Thomas Moore Scott elected as Captain.  They departed from Homer on July 1, 1861 and traveled to Monroe, then to Vicksburg, then to Jackson and finally to Camp Moore, Louisiana to begin training for service.

At Camp Moore, the Claiborne Rangers joined the Confederate States Army on August 13, 1861, becoming a part of the 12th Louisiana Infantry with Thomas Moore Scott being elected its Colonel.

He remained Colonel of the 12th until May 10, 1864 when he was promoted to Brigadier General.

He was severely wounded by concussion from a shell upon his back in the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee on November 30, 1864.

This battle resulted in the deaths of six Confederate Generals, seven wounded generals, including Gen. Scott, and one captured general.

This was the beginning of the end of the Army of Tennessee. The subsequent Battle of Nashville effectively ended the Army of Tennessee as a fighting force.

After the war, he returned to farming.  Life continued to be unkind with his wife Mary dying April 24, 1866 in New Orleans. Ten years later he died after a drunken stupor on April 21, 1876 in New Orleans.

He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery in New Orleans.  His grave site was just a pile of small rocks as shown in the photo below as of 2007 and any sign of a memorial or marker was long gone.

As of 2020 his burial site now has a confederate headstone.

Click here to see that headstone.

Sincere thanks to those that made that happen.

Scott Family Genealogy

Brigadier General
Thomas Moore Scott
Bare Ground without a Headstone

Plot #44 on Pine Avenue
Between Aloe Walk and Orange Walk

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