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Leonidas Polk
Confederate States of America
Lieutenant General
Episcopal Bishop of Louisiana

Served 1827 (U. S. A.)
Served 1861 - 1864 (C. S. A.)
Military Rank
Lieutenant General (C. S. A.)
October 1862
April 10, 1806
Raleigh, North Carolina
June 14, 1864
Pine Mountain, Georgia
Cause Killed in Action
Age 58
Class Rank
U. S. Military Academy - 1827
8th of 38
Education Virginia Theological Seminary
Ordained May 31, 1831
Profession Episcopal Bishop of Louisiana
Spouse Frances Ann Devereux
Married May 1830
Children 8
Plantation Leighton
near Thibodaux
Religion Episcopalian
Burial Augusta, Georgia
Christ Church Cathedral
New Orleans
Leonidas Polk

2nd cousin of Pres Polk

Fighting Bishop

bishop of Epis diocese of LA

friendship with Jeff Davis

kia Pine Mountain, GA

His grave can be found in the front floor sanctuary, to the right of the pulpit.

Polk's nephew, Lucius E. Polk, was also a Confederate general. His son, William Mecklenburg Polk, was a physician and a Confederate captain.

west point roommate of Albert Sidney Johnston

1806 - 1864
First Bishop of Louisiana
1841 - 1864
And His Wife
Frances Ann
1807 - 1875


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