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St. John Richardson Liddell
Confederate States of America
Brigadier General

Served 1861- 1865 (C. S. A.)
Military Rank
Brigadier General (C. S. A.)
July 1862
September 6, 1815
Woodville, Mississippi
February 14, 1870
Black River on riverboat
Cause Murdered
Age 65
Profession U. S. Military Academy
Spouse Mary Metcalfe Roper
Children 9
Plantation Llanada
Burial Liddell Family Cemetery
St. John Richardson Liddell



He was in the Army of Tennessee.

He had class with PTG Beauregard in the Academy.

He was shot and killed while traveling on a river boat by the Jones' father and sons. A mob in turn killed the Jones' father and sons.

He grew up near Woodville and had class with Jeff Davis. He, Davis, was also raised near Woodville.

St. John's son Willie was killed during the civil war.

He was captured at Battle of Spanish Fort.


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