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Franklin K. Gardner
Confederate States of America
Major General

Served 1843- 1861 (U. S.)
Served 1861- 1865 (C. S. A.)
Major General
June 1864
January 29, 1823
New York
April 29, 1873
Age 50
Education U. S. Military Academy - 1843
17th of 39
Profession Engineer / Soldier
Father-in-law Alexander Mouton
Brother-in-law Alexander Mouton
Brother-in-law Gen. Alfred Mouton
Spouse Marie Celeste Mathilde Mouton
Children 6
Religion Catholic
Burial St. John Cathedral Cemetery

1843- 1861 (U. S.)
1861- 1865 (C. S. A.)

Franklin K. Gardner, Major General C.S.A. is buried near Alexander Mouton, the 12th governor of Louisiana.  He is interred in St. John Cathedral Cemetery in Lafayette.

Gardner had a dual family relationship with Governor Mouton.  The governor's second wife, Emma Gardner, is General Gardner's sister.  The governor's daughter, Marie Mouton, is General Gardner's wife.  They are all interred in close proximity.

Governor Mouton's son, Alfred Mouton, a CSA Brigadier General, is Franklin Gardner's brother-in-law.  He is buried in a different part of the cemetery under a large memorial.

Franklin Gardner was an 1843 West Point graduate in the same class as Ulysses Grant and George C. McClelland.  He was born in New York, his mother was from Louisiana.  He married Marie Celeste Mouton of Louisiana after graduating from West Point.  He was an engineer.

St. John Cathedral Cemetery

Lafayette, Louisiana

Entrance Gate

Marie Mouton on the left.

Franklin Gardner on the right.

Marie Celeste Mathilde Mouton

Wife of

Major General Franklin Gardner, CSA

Apr. 29, 1831     Jan. 14, 1915

Restored by the Franklin K.

Gardner SCV Camp 1421

Franklin K. Gardner

Major General C.S.A

Jamuary 29, 1823

April 29, 1873


Restored by the Franklin K.

Gardner SCV Camp 1421


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