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Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard
Confederate States of America

Served 1838- 1861 (U. S. A.)
Served 1861- 1865 (C. S. A.)
General (C. S. A.)
July 21, 1861
May 28, 1818
St. Bernard Parish
February 20, 1893
New Orleans
Cause Heart Disease
Age 74
Class Rank
U. S. Military Academy - 1838
2nd out of 45
Profession Engineer / Soldier
Spouse 1 Marie Villeré
Children 3
Spouse 2 Caroline Deslonde
St. John the Baptist Cemetery
Edgard, Louisiana
Children 0
Religion Catholic
Metairie Cemetery
Army of Tennessee Tumulus
Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard





He is buried in the Army of Tennessee tumulus at Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans on the right side, second row from the entrance.


P. G. T. Beauregard

General C. S. A.

Born in the Parish of St. Bernard La.

May 28th, 1818.

Died in the City of New Orleans

February 20th, 1893

Slidell Family Tomb
Caroline Deslonde Beauregard
St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery
Edgard, Louisiana

Caroline Deslonde Beauregard
Wife of Confederate General P. G. T. Beauregard
1861 - March, 1864

As Madame Beauregard lay dying in New Orleans,
she yearned to see her husband once more, but his
duties in the Confederate Army made his return
impossible.  She knew her husband could not be
spared as a soldier of the South, and she resigned
herself to dying without seeing him again.
Madame Beauregard believed "The Country
comes before me."  General Beauregard selected
this sentiment as her epitaph when she was laid to
rest in the Slidell family tomb.

This maker replacing the original inscription,
lost in time, is lovingly provided by
New Orleans Chapter #72
United Daughters of the Confederacy


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