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St. Martin de Tours Cemetery

St. Martinville

by Paul Moline

 On This Site Lie Buried Officers Of The Attakapas Militia Serving Under
In The March To And Capture Of Baton Rouge And Manchac September 1779
Commandant Alexandre~Chevalier De Clouet
Major Louis Du Crest
Sergeant Pierre Broussard
Corporal Jean Huval
Corporal Joseph Landry
Corporal Michael Maux
Marker Placed By Louisiana Society, Daughters Of The American Revolution 1974

On the "tomb" is all the enlisted and inscription, which states

On these grounds lie buried the following patriots of American Revolution Attakapas Militia Enlisted

Babin, Joseph
Berard, Jean
Bonin, Jean Louis
Bonin, Paul
Boutte, Francois Cesar
Boutte, Philippe
Broussard, Amand
Broussard, Claude
Broussard, Francois
Broussard, Joseph
Broussard, Silvain
Castille, Joseph
Doucet, Michel
Dugat, Jean
Duhon, Claude
Gaillard, Pierre
Grevemberg, Barthelemy
Grevemberg, Francois
Guilbeau, Charles
Guilbeau, Francois
Hebert, Jean Baptiste
Hebert, Joseph
LaBauve, Jean Baptiste
Landry, Amant
LeBlanc, Simon
LeBlanc, Jacques
Nezat, Pierre
Prejean, Marin
Prevost, Joseph
Robichot, Firmin
Thibaudeau, Amant
Thibaudeau, Olivier
Trahan, Paul
Wilse, Joseph
Wilse, Philippe
Patin, Antoine
Broussard, Joseph
Hebert, Jean Baptiste




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