Little Misery Cemetery
by Jerry F. Davis

BACKGROUND: (subject to correction)
David Davis [no relation to the undersigned] was born in Missouri in 1840. In 1863 he enlisted in the 65th Missouri Colored Infantry in 1863 and was sent to Louisiana during the Civil War. He was released from the 65th MCI in 1866. I do not yet know when or where David Davis died.

The 1895 “Map of the Parish of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana” compiled and drawn by A. Kaiser & J. A. Swensson, Civil Engineers, shows a tract identified as “D. Davis 52 Acs.” I have a copy of this map.

A subdivision plat made by W.W. Woodward on December 2, 1923, entitled “Map Showing Subdivision of David Davis Tract, Part of Sec. 88, T 7 S, R 1 E” and recorded in Map Book 4, page 20, Entry # 3 shows the subdivision of the 55.1 acre David Davis Tract into 11 lots (of 4.9 acres each) and one "Grave Yard" said to be 1.2 acres. I have a copy of this map. The filing of this plat has been considered by several persons as a legal "dedication" of of this tract as a cemetery.

No inventory or full or partial listing burials is known to exist. Family traditions indicate that burials took place in this cemetary at least as far back as the 1870s. During that time many burials of black persons would likely have involved wooden coffins and markers that would not have survived to the present. There are regularly spaced grave-size depressions that lend some credence to those traditions.

Above-ground cast cement vaults seem to have been used beginning in the 1930s. Most of the older above-ground vaults do not appear to have markers. The last known burial there was only about two years ago.

No public records title research is known to have been done.