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White-Lattier Cemetery (CA157)


Pictures by Lisa Nelson

Son of Reuben & Marthe White
Born Sept. 18, 1849
Died Oct. 19, 1851

(Reuben White, Jr.)

Marthe Ellen
daughter of Reuben & Marthe White
Born Oct. 27, 1852
Died Aug. 13, 1853

Wife of George A. Loe
Born July 20, 1786
Died April 14, 1850

(her headstone reads 'Tobithe' but legal records and her signature read Tabitha)

Adolph Lattier
Aug. 14, 1862
Dec. 11, 1916
death is another life

(Adolph Lattier, Jr.)

O. Ben Childers
Co. B La. Infantry
Feb. 14, 1839
Dec. 28, 1910
and wife
Josephine Lattier
Sept. 28, 1855
July 6, 1893
at rest

(Orlando Benjamin Childers was sergeant in 19th LA infantry; wounded during Civil War and taken prisoner)

daughter of
F.M. & M.E. ???NTON
Sept. 25, 1875
aged 3 years
8 months, 3 days

(Eric Brock listed her as a Norton, but this cannot be - you can clearly read an 'N' for the last name)

Son of Geo and Tobithe Loe
Born Dec. 11, 1820
Died July 6, 1846




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