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The Last Will & Testament


 Elizabeth Rousby Key Johnson

October 1, 1856


Transcribed by DeeDee DiBenedetto and Martin Gauthier

On January 17, 2010


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I, Elizabeth R. Johnson, wife of Henry Johnson, of the Parish of Pointe
Coupee, State of Louisiana, do make this my last Will and Testament as

To my Sister, Rebecca Tyson, wife of Alexander Tyson of Baltimore, I give
my French Cashmere Shawl and Dressing Cases, and one of my Brussels
lace capes.

To my Sister Emily Hoffman, wife of Dr. P. R. Hoffman of Baltimore, I give my
Diamond Ring, and white Egyptian lace scarf.

To my Sister Anna Thompson, wife of William Thompson of New Orleans, I
give my Diamond Cross and the Rose Wood furniture of my chambers, the
furniture to be delivered after my husbands death with my likeness taken in

To my Sister-in-Law, Maria L. Key, wife of my late brother Philip B. Key, I give
my black lace shawl, and writing desk.

To Elizabeth L. Thompson, I give my ornamental spoons.

To Fanny Klingender, I give my one of dozen silver spoons, left to me by
Aunt Scott.

To Annie Nevins, I give my gold chains & emerald pins.

To Louise Nevins, I give my watch, bought at my marriage with my likeness
taken in Rome.

Page 2

To Louise E. Thompson, I give my China ornaments.

To Kate Key, I give my desert spoons, one dozen and a half.

To Virginia P. Key, I give my small watch and chatelaine.

To Mary Tyson, I give my Amethyst and Pearl Ring.

To Nannie Tyson, I give my Ruby ring and Silver Tumbler.

I desire that my clothing, of all kinds except that which is specified herein,
may be sent to Mrs. Green.

To my beloved husband, Henry Johnson, I give and bequeath all my
portions of his estate to which I may be legally entitled, on account of the
different sums received by him from the Estates of my deceased Father and
Mother, as well an account of acquets and gains, and on all other accounts,
with the exception of the small articles bequeathed herein to others;
requesting and directing that an inventory be made of his Estate or of the
property owned of us jointly, and that no legal or judicial proceedings be
held in relative interests; and further I direct that no security be required of
him in consequence of any claim I might have against his or our Estate on
account of the legacies herein contained, or any other accounts, relying on
his dispositions to provide in his lifetime, for the payment of the following

Page 3

To my Sister Mrs. Rebecca Tyson of Baltimore, four thousand dollars.

To my Sister Mrs. Emily Hoffman of Baltimore, five thousand dollars.

To my Sister Mrs. Anna Thompson of New Orleans, five thousand dollars.

To my Sister-in-Law, Mrs. Maria L. Key, relict of my late brother Philip B. Key,
Two Thousand Dollars.

To my nieces Anna and Louisa Nevins of New York, One Thousand Dollars.

To Mrs. Anna Green, relict of the late John Green, of the District of
Columbia, One Thousand Dollars.

To Mrs. Rebecca Wellford, of the District of Columbia, Five Thousand

To my God Children, Henry J. Johnson, Henry J. Hoffman and Henry J.
Tyson, I give each two hundred dollars to buy a gold watch, as a memento
of my affection.

To Mrs. Elizabeth B. Queensbury, daughter of Mrs. Green, I give as mark of
my affection, Two Hundred Dollars to purchase a Diamond Ring.

From the testaments I have received from Anna Key Thompson, daughter
of my Sister Anna, I do not think she would appreciate any gifts from me,
not withstanding, I give her One Thousand Dollars.

To M. Sewall Key, I give Two Hundred Dollars as a mark of my affections.

Page 4

To Foreign Missions, One Thousand Dollars.

To the Colonization Society (African), One Thousand Dollars.

To Bishop Polk, for the use of the poor of Trinity Church of New Orleans -
One Thousand Dollars.

It is understood that no one of the foregoing legacies is to be paid is to be
paid (sic) until after the death of my beloved Husband, who will provide in
his lifetime for the payment of the whole after his death. The whole of the
foregoing otographic Will is written with my own personal hand, in the
Parish of Pointe Coupee this first day of October, 1856.

Elizabeth R. Johnson



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