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Murphy James Foster was first married to Florence Daisy Hine.    She died before age 19, nearly 44 years before Murphy Foster, and while he was a state senator.  Florence is buried with Hine family members in another part of Franklin Cemetery. 

Hine Family Memorials

Florence Daisy Hine is remembered on the left memorial.  Her mother is in the center and her father is to the right.

Hine Sisters
On the Right Side

Florence Daisy Hine
Wife of Murphy J. Foster
August 26, 1877
Aged 18 Yrs & 10 Mos.


On the Left Side

Simeon Smith Hine
August 26, 1857
January 17, 1892


Helen Smith Hines, the mother of Florence Daisy Hine

Mrs. T. D. Hine
Died March 19th, 1908
Aged 83 Years


Thomas Doane Hine
Born Jan 1823
Died April 1896

The father of Florence Daisy Hine was a successful Franklin merchant.

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