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1867 - 1868

Benjamin Franklin Flanders' second child:

Daughter Susan Elizabeth Flanders, the second child, married Alexander L. Reddon.  She was born on March 11, 1852 and died November 1, 1923.

In 1911, siblings Benjamin Franklin Flanders II and Susan Elizabeth Flanders Reddon, purchased a plot in square 103 in Metairie Cemetery.  Located at the corner of Avenue H and Avenue D, the square is very small and has few tombs.  There is not a tomb with either the Flanders or Reddon name in square 103.  There are however, two empty plots, one of which belongs to the siblings.

Alexander L. Reddon, Susan Elizabeth Flanders husband, died February 1, 1911.  It is believed that this event caused the purchase of the plot in Metairie Cemetery.

Confirmation of the burial of either Alexander or his wife Susan in this plot is not yet assured.  


These two grass plots are the only ones in Square 103.

Without a marker of any kind, one of them may contain the remains of

Alexander L. Reddon and Susan Elizabeth Flanders Reddon

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